It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....

I haven't blogged in forever. I'm really sorry. I have lots of pictures taken that I intended to blog about and yet, here we are. So I'll do what I tell people when they're behind in their scrapbooking too....start current and then if you want to, work your way backwards and forward at the same time or you'll never "catch up."

About my title today: "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."which some of you may recognize (or know that you've heard before) from Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities....

Well, in the past 2 days I have been both at the top of my game, and flat on my face so it seemed kinda appropriate.

Top of my game: I went golfing on Tuesday night with some ladies I used to golf regularly with a couple of summers ago. Last summer I think I only went twice or three times and on Tuesday, I had to dig my clubs out of the shed -it's just been that kind of summer. Anyway, Bev called and said, "Hey, it's Texas Scramble - so even if you suck, it won't matter" or something like that....I think she said it nicer than that but I was pretty sure I would suck so I took it as a compliment and as a legitimate invitation. Texas Scramble, at our ladies night, only means that at some point in the game, you have to take a drive from each of the 4 participants on your team. No more - in case someone is stinkin' up the joint....but no less than one drive from each person. I figured even though I hadn't been out yet this year I could at least do one respectable drive. Then....lo and behold....I didn't stink as much as I thought I might and we even ended up taking my drive on the first hole :) In fact, half way through we were all playing pretty good, we'd all had good drives, so the pressure was off and we could just play whoever's shot was best. My "Top of my game" experience was getting a Birdie on Desert 8. It's a little Par 3 hole, over water, that generally claims a few of my 'water balls' on a regular day. But this time my drive (9-iron) landed about 4 feet from the pin and my putt went in :) That is a first for me. Then....if that wasn't surprising enough...on Desert 9 (here's a shot from the Quarry Oaks website)we took all my shots too - my Drive which I thought went in the trees to the right, actually sailed through, my second shot was a beauty lay-up to the end of the fairway (in the photo, in the second long shadow just to the left of the bend in the cart path), my 3rd shot went sailing (over water again) and landed about 6" from the hole (in the photo, you can see the blue flag but on Tuesday it was a little closer to lining up with the clubhouse). So these lovely ladies I was golfing with allowed me to putt it in for Par and be done. They were so excited for me - and I was very excited too although more surprised than anything. And ONCE AGAIN, this nasty game has sucked me back in. Golf is a love-it/hate-it sport. I can hate it for weeks on end, and then one great shot sucks me back in and I wonder why I haven't played all summer. D'oh.

Ok, then...
Flat on my Face: Quite literally. I went for a walk the next morning with my kids to the MCC store, to get some pictures developed at Shoppers Drug Mart and we had intended to go further to do more errands but coming out of Shoppers, I missed the sidewalk step to go down to the Main Street Sidewalk and BAM. Like a fallen tree. Someone should really have yelled "Timber!" because I'm sure it looked just like that. I twisted my ankle and got my knees nice and scraped. And apparently, hurt my wrist a little too catching myself but that only began to hurt last night. Mica immediately jumped into action asking me if I was OK, and offering to go back into Shoppers to get me Band-aids. She's such a nurturer. And the boys - they were finding it hard not to laugh I think. One of them said, "Mom, I've never seen you do that before." It was pretty funny I guess. My ankle was fine to walk home on and I've been icing it on and'll be fine. I was up at night at little with it, and my scraped knees because it hurt to roll over (that and too much coffee before bed). Anyway. I'm pretty sure this was not an incidence of "pride-before-the-fall" if that's where some of your minds were going.

I'm thinking actually, of combining this blog with my Art blog....any thoughts on that?