Oh my word....a month has gone by?

What in the world?
I can't believe I haven't blogged for a month. For shame.
I'm not going to make this lengthy....just a short review of my month.

*scrapping my butt off to get CHA stuff ready and my class ready to teach there (SRM/Cosmo Cricket)
*surgery in early June (which was a very simple procedure, quick and easy recovery, thank you very much) and then 2 weeks off from work to "recover" because I wasn't supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds for 2 weeks and basically lifting and pushing (a girl in a wheelchair/standing frame) is what I do at work). It was a lovely break. Aside from the guilt of feeling great and not being at work...it was lovely and couldn't have come at a better time.
*Egan hurt his foot again but just a growth plate injury this time, not a break. Ironically, the very same bone as the break a few months ago. A cast for a week and now he's good as new.
*Flights, condos, van rentals, etc are all booked for CHA/Disneyworld!! I cannot tell you how excited everyone is around here. It's hard to sleep at night.
*Mica had softball this season....at least 2 nights and more often 3-4 nights/days a week. She really turned it on 1/2-way through the season and she's really coming into her own as a pitcher. Her windmill is deadly. She's got a few years of learning to go to be really consistent but if she continues to be as excited about it as she is right now.....she'll do very well.
*Also softball....I was on the Exec so I had fundraising to manage and a tournament to plan - this is, by the way - way out of my box and while the actual tasks were fun....the meetings were not so I'm unsure about staying on the committee.

I think that's it.
I still can't believe it's been a month!! I apologize and will try to keep up better this summer!



The Biehns said...

So good to hear all the updates. Sure do miss you.