Paper Creations magazine RAK: ETA the Winner - Dishtowel Dame

See that "Go Green! - Toad-ily Inspired Cards" caption on the front of this magazine? It's me. I'm "Go Green!!" I submitted a toad card to this magazine and they liked it and then we came up with an idea to do a whole bunch of toad/frog cards....and they loved and published everything I made for them!! A 6-page spread. It's almost too exciting for me!!!!!

And I have 2 copies. One for me...and one for you. Post on here with a Green-idea of your own....something you do to recycle, or a toad or frog caption/poem, or whatever. I'll pick a random post number in 2 weeks and send you this magazine, and maybe a little treat :)

Thanks for letting me squeal a little.


ETA: The winner of the random post is: Dishtowel Dame!! Congrats. Send me your address and I'll ship this out.



Bev said...

Congrats, Cath! So excited for you - you truly have a gift!

My 'green' contribution...I've been trying to limit garbage little yogurts or puddings or other such convenient (and more expensive) packaging. I buy or make bigger amounts and then put them in little 'tupperware' containers if I need to send them in lunches, etc. It also saves me taking out the garbage as often=)

Cori-Lyn said...

Congrats!!! I just finished a layout of my son playing with frogs and called it "Toadily a Boy!!"
Going green is always great - my newest scrappy recycling is using cardboard - love it!

jeanie de la rama said...

congratulations on being on the cover!my green contribution is repurposing old containers and trying to alter them to reuse them. ;0

Dishtowel Dame said...

Congratulations! What an honor!

I try to "think green" all the time. One thing that has helped is to purchase the grocery store reusable canvas (or poly) bags. I embroidered my name on them, and also made a set of bags for my 5 daughters with their names on them. Those bags hold so many groceries and the volume of plastic bags coming into our homes is greatly reduced. We also use these totes to take items to family dinners, etc., so having them labeled with our names is a handy feature.

tami sanders said...

how exciting for you! HUGE CONGRATS!!!

i like to buy vintage pottery to plant in, i just posted about it on my blog for earth day...


Jennifer Hansen said...

Congrats on your spread! Very nice work! Please don't enter me in the drawing as I'm in there too this issue - Daisy D's bday set.

My kids learned a bunch about recycling on earth day and so we are working on setting up a station in our basement.

Allison Cope said...

OMG... congrats Cathy!!!! That's awesome! I'd love a chance to check out your spread!!!

Just Hoppin' By!
You Croak Me Up!
Hoppy Birthday!

Tracey Taylor said...

HUGE, HUGE congrats to you!!! That is just awesome!

My green tip: I re-use the plastic packaging from scrap supplies. I lay it over my page and stamp or write my journaling on it. this way I can move it around and find just the right spot before committing ink to paper.

AScrappersDelight said...

WOOHOO Congrats on your pub!!

I use green cleaning products in our home!

The Biehns said...

Way to Go CATHY!!! So excited for you.
Here's my ideas...

Toadily Thankful.
Here's hoppin' you have a good day.
I'm toadily in love with U!
My pad or yours?
Have a Hoppy Father's Day.
Croak your Blessings.

My latest indulgence in the world of green is vintage jewellery found in thrift stores. What I don't wear I recycle onto layouts and cards. Also love using bubblewrap with paint and ink on layouts.

Suz said...

Congrats! To be published is exciting but the cover must take your breath away...

w've been recyling for years. Shopping at Aldi's made me bring my own grocery bags long before everyone else was doing it.

I love tor repurpose & you never know what will show up on my cards/layouts

Cathy said...

Thanks to all of you who commented so far....just to clarify - the card on the front isn't mine...the caption "Go Green"'s referring to my spread on the inside. Sorry...just wanted to clarify so I wasn't accidentally taking credit for the beautiful cover card when it's not mine.


Crystal said...

Huge congrats to you! That is awesome :) I'll have to check out your spread!

My family is very environmentally conscious. Here are some of the things I can think of off the top of my head: repurposing things, buying less stuff, buying things that we need second-hand, growing a garden, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, recycling, line-drying clothes, not using heat/air very often, using energy saver light bulbs and appliances, recycling, using a water filter instead of buying bottled water, using cloth napkins and REAL plates/cups (no paper ones), buying things in bulk, etc. So many things that are more convenient than most people might think and are also easier on the pockets, KWIM :) Great topic and congrats again on the awesome pub!

Cathy said...

OK....random post winner is:

You win the magazine! Congrats.