Oh baby, I'm soooo tired :)

There was an Oprah episode years and years ago with a couple on there who were arguing about the frequency of sex in their marriage and the man, in a very low, lazy drawl kept saying, "oh baby, I'm sooooo tired" It was really funny...I tried to find a clip of it but couldn't....trust me, too funny. And although my post has nothing to do with sex at all.....I'm still sooooo tired.
I've started walking in the mornings again. Not my best time, but better than never. Work is tiring sometimes. I'm cramming to get my calendar project done for CHA. I taught 2 classes today at Scrapbook Cottage. My kids are busy. My husband's busy. Whew. And now I come home to a sink full of dishes, a HUGE pile (actually 2 or 3 piles) of laundry, and, Oh baby, I'm sooooo tired.

One more load.
And off to bed.
Just wanted to rant a little.

Here's the class I taught twice today:And...if you're a blog-hopper....come join us on Saturday (National Scrapbooking Day) for a Blog Hop sponsored by my Stamp BOX. These stamps are really cute and you'll find inspiration at every blog you visit, and have a chance to win some stamps!!!


Monica said...

Ohhhh Cathy. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. This week (and last actually) has been insane around here.

Yesterday I walked into my house after school and started on my huge pile of dishes. The dishes, not enough sleep, and a few other little things had me in tears in no time. Ugh.