2009, already?!

Wow...officially 2009.
I woke up yesterday feeling really old (staying up too late for my age, sore muscles from Wii fit, too many nights in not-my-own-bed, etc.) but ready for 2009! I haven't really made any life-changing resolutions this year, but a few short-term ones...and I think I'll keep the list of resolutions fluid throughout the year.

SBR goals:
*I need to finish all my scrappy projects and get them mailed out for CHA.
*When everything's mailed out, I'm shutting the door (figuratively, 'cause there is no door) to my scraproom for a week. At least when my family's home and I can spend time with them!
*I want to find my simple-style and rediscover my love of layouts and documenting life; rediscover my initial reasons for scrapbooking

NSBR goals:
*Partially SBR, I'm starting a study on the names of God called "His Holy Name 09" and I'm excited about this! The study itself most of all, but also the artistic factor and the accountability factor of posting online.
*Eat healthier
tips on eating 'in the moment' from the Real Age website:
  • Keep distractions to a minimum so you can focus on your food.
  • Serve small portions. You can have seconds or eat more later if you’re hungry again.
  • Stay tuned in to each bite.
  • Take a couple of sips of water between bites.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to feel full. It may take 20 minutes for your satisfied stomach to send a signal to your brain.
  • Aim for three-quarters full instead of stuffed.
* Pray more - for my husband, my kids, my marriage, my job. I struggle with this I think, b/c of a faith gift, if that makes sense? It's like the old joke of the husband saying to his wife, "I told you I loved you on the day we got married....I"ll let you know if anything changes." That's how I pray sometimes.....I ask God for something, and assume he'll do it b/c I have faith....and don't keep asking. I wanna change that slightly.

I'm sure there'll be more....like I said, a fluid list :)


Jessica said...

hey girlie! I left you a message on your other blog, but I'm thinking of you and hoping that you have a fantastic 2009, I struggle with time, and that's one of my goals for this year, to let my friends know more often how important they are to me. BIG GIANT HUGS. xoxox

Oh Scrap!! said...

Happy New Year Cathy!!!
The best for you and yours!!
Love the stamps,this is a house of monkeys, my son has at least 10 and he just keeps getting them!!
BTW he lost 40 pounds last year on portion meals, it works!
best of luck!

Maria said...

Very cute stamps Cathy! Love the monkey and cupcake :-) Love your resolutions list - lots of them are similar to mine :-)
Love ya! :-)

Nikki said...

Happy New Year Cath! Hope all is well! Here's to a great 2009!

Emilie Lemay said...

Hi Cathy!
I can't believe you told me that you don't have a website!!! This is an awesome blog; I like the monkey stamp too ;)