A change of plans; a change of decor

Remembrance Day - the 4th day of our 4-day weekend - no plans except omelettes for breakfast and possibly cleaning up the last of the tomatoes from Fall....and all of a sudden (truly, this is how we roll), we get the urge to make ourselves a headboard for our bed and install the reading lamp we bought at IKEA about 2 years ago, and paint the back wall chocolate brown, which means also painting the ceiling 2 coats and well...now it's 9pm and my scrapping project is still undone....but my kids think Daddy & Mommy are sleeping in a hotel room tonight :) I really love how it turned out. Trev designed the headboard for me and did most of the building. I helped stretch the fabric/padding over the boards but it's mostly his creation.

Back to school tomorrow for a nice short 3-day week :)
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