Ok, I never actually got to meet the UPS guy today so I'll never know if he's my new best friend.....

but he dropped THIS:

off at school for me today! Yikes. I can almost not think straight. I'd been warned that Lindsay at Cosmo Cricket was generous to a fault...apparently so! Yes, those are complete paper packs in the back, and 8x8 paper packs through the middle, and stickers, ribbon and STAMPS from the Jack's World line (my fav!).
Thank you Lindsay, and thank you Kristen.

Know what else made me smile? The return address label said "Jon," who I'm assuming is The Famous Jon: The Warehouse Guy.

And what a lucky coincidence for me that all 3 of my kids have playdates or birthday parties to go to tonight :) Oh, and the Bombers are playing so Trev is otherwise occupied as well :) It's a good, good day!


bev said...

oh - my! That is one huge score of stuff! I can just see your perma-grin! Are you even going to bother going to sleep tonite?

Maria said...

What a yummy package!!!!!! Looks like the makings of an awesome weekend!!! And thank you, thank you, thank you for the Honey Pie stack (and the yummy coffee) - I am SO ripping into that tonight!!! :-)

Sonya and David said...

You are so blessed!...and I'm trying not to be jealous..LOL.
Hope you had a productive night.I can't wait to see what you create.

Oh Scrap!! said...

That looks yummy!!!!
i am drooling,enjoy my friend, hugs, Rosa.

Nikki said...

Oh what an awesome pile of goodies! You lucky girl you! Hope you are doing well!