New Design Team - ROSE MOKA!!

I'm so excited to be on the new Rose Moka Design Team! This is a company based in Quebec (so I'm dusting off some nearly-20-years-rusty French language skills) and relying heavily on online translators. They make Beautiful paper that I'm thrilled to be working with. I think this will be a perfect compliment to my Clear Scraps team!

Come check the Sneak Peek of their new line on my Art Blog!


Sonya and David said...

Congrats Cathy!!! I was just looking at this line today for the first time. Very Nice!!

Corinna said...

Let me know if you need any translating help ever, sounds fun!

Maria said...

Yay Cathy!!
Their stuff looks like a lot of fun - especially the mini letters :-)

Nikki said...

Congrats Cathy! That's fantastic and they do have some beautiful stuff! Way to go girl! Oh and I've tagged you for some blog fun!

Oh Scrap!! said...

Congratulations Cathy!!!
That looks like lots of fun,i'm sending you a hug from NYC