Scavenger hunt picture

OK....this may seem like a silly picture but it's for a scavenger hunt so....please bear with me :)

Something cold - freezie
something hot - my coffee (in a travel mug)
something soft - my giraffe (thanks Kat, from
something hard - the key ring on the giraffe
something heavy - the metal can on the top right contains a huge lump of metal filings (purchased at MCC - no reason - just couldn't pass up such a fun thing to own)
something light - the pompoms
something dark - Staz-on ink
something bright - binder rings from Target
something crafty - my wooden block calendar with today's date :)
something tasty - Juicy Fruit Gum
something sweet - KitKat
something cool - my coolest new scrappy thing - rub-on stitching from Daisy D's, in a tape-runner type dispenser! Very cool!
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Rebekah said...

Wow- you did your work didn't you? I love the pic of your son's hand too!

Amanda said...

good job!

Jessica said...

LOL. leah you crack me up. you did a great job gathering up all those goodies!

Jessica said...

Cathy, I'm a dork. I had both yours and Leah's blogs open!!! DER. I'm a dork. love it!