Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids

I just got back from teaching this weekend at one of the best weekend crops I've ever attended. It was a national charity event with $$ going to Children's Hospitals so that in itself was a great thing and I got to go with Maria and spend the weekend hanging out with her - another great thing! I was so nervous teaching...especially my first class which was someone else's designs and not a kit I put together....but all in all I think my classes went well. And the ladies that came were amazing....really put me at ease. It really is amazing how different everyone is and yet how connected you feel just because you share something scrapbooking.

Anyway, some of the people who took my last class (An 8x8 coil-bound calendar) asked if I'd post pictures of my calendar because it was such a HUGE project that no one finished in the classtime. So, here are my projects that I taught - and I'll let you follow the links if you want the detailed, complete project pictures. I'll put those on my ART blog.

Here's my first class - a layout entitled Glimpse designed by Jen Backler for Cosmo Cricket. I changed my version of it to more reflect my style (I love clustered embellies and lots of white space) and I used a horizontal 5x7 picture.


My version:

Jen's original:

My Back-to-School mini-album (pictures of all the pages inside are here: My Art Blog)

My 8x8 Coil-bound Calendar (pictures of all the pages inside are here: My Art Blog)

I've said it elsewhere but I'll say it here too - Thanks SO much to the organizers of CSC4K - Sarah for the initial idea and the year & 1/2 of work she's put into this....and Char for the Winnipeg crop - Wowzers, you've outdone yourself!!


kim brimhall said...

these are so amazing! i love your art blog as well.