My Scrap Space

Wanna know where I work? I have a room in my basement that's JUST MINE!! It's not pretty, yet....but it's getting there...and the more I purge and decorate, the more creative and inspired I feel in there. I'm very excited to have my own computer in there for message board stuff and submissions and just general inspiration! Running up and down the stairs every time may have been good for me, but it really cramped my creativity :) I had to take some pictures the other day for a before & after challenge so I'll share those with you!

Before: Here's what happens when I'm packing kits for classes I'm teaching and trying to re-stock cards in the stores and doing DT gets a bit, uh, messy:And then, I cleaned it up a little so you could see what it's supposed to look like. Keep in's still a work in progress and it's not going in any "Home-style" type magazines or anything :)

After:As a way of eventual goal is paint out this room in either the Breadfruit or the Waterfall paints that I've used from the leftovers of my bathroom reno. For now....the lids on my cannisters in the cupboard are blue and the insides of all my white cupboards are the yummy green that I love. The hutch (pic. 2) is an inheritance from my parents. It was in the farmhouse my Dad bought when he was getting married to my Mom and she fixed it up. It will always have emotional significance for me....I can still remember what she kept in certain drawers and how fun it was to look through her button jars, and stationary. I'm thrilled to have it. (Sadly, I broke the glass windows during restoration so I'm thinking about a wire mesh window treatment). The far wall has a shelf on it that I just found at MCC. I painted it out the same way and it's housing my stamps (which I use, if I can see them....and don't if I can't). On the table, there's another shelving unit that used to be dark brown, with legs. I painted it out and it's not exactly efficient storage yet for what I need accessible, but it's getting there!

Anyway....this is my space.
I create here...hide here...learn and grow here...parent here...cry and pray here...laugh and drink coffee here...crank the music and the audio books and stay in touch with friends here...sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or space.


alice said...

Wow, a space of your own. I can only dream.

Maria B said...

Love the colors!!
Let's see how long you can keep your desk that clean ;-)
I'll come over soon and messy it up for you!
Love ya!

Alicia Barry said...

You are so lucky to have a great space. I'm so jealous.

Oh Scrap!! said...

So organized Cathy,want to come clean mine LOL is inspiring,very pretty.

Jillian said...

I love your space!! I can't wait until I can post pictures of my space!! :)