Blog Challenge from Chara

Chara's on a secret mission and asked us to do this survey on our here goes. First, a disclaimer. Especially the first 2 questions - are based purely on how I like these actors in movies - I don't follow the gossip stuff so they may be jerks in real life and I'd never know it.


#1 Favorite female celebrity - Julia Roberts

#2 favorite male celebrity - Matthew McConaughey

#3 your dream job - stay-at-home-MOM/paid scrapper

#4 favorite dessert - Grasshopper pie

#5 favorite scrappy company - This changes as the lines change but my fav. RIGHT NOW is Scenic Route

Not sure what Chara's mission is and what all these things have to do with each other, unless.....maybe Julia and Matthew are coming down to offer me enough $$$ to do my dream job and with a gift basket from SR - and in return, I'll make them a generous helping of Grasshopper pie!!! Yeah....that's it. That's the ticket.


Sonya and David said... doesn't that sound like an awesome scenerio. I want to be there when Matthew stops by...LOL....just to sneak a peak...mmmmmmmmm...LOL

me said...

Oooh Oooh love love love Mathew---such a hottie!!!